Mendo Breath

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Fresh Crop June 16!

Grade: AAA
Type: Indica Dominant Hybrid (70/30)
Bud Size: Medium

THC: 22-24%
CBD: <1%

$150.00 $140.00

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Mendo Breath Cannabis Strain

Mendo Breath is an interesting mix of OGKB (OG Kush Breath), which is the supposed patriarch in the Cookies Fam genetics) and Mendo Montage. Their forces combined make dense frosty buds that reek of sweet vanilla and caramel. But no matter how good this smells, save it for after work. This thumper can pivot your entire day’s plans with its powerful body high built for chronic pain and discomfort.

Type of High

Mendo Breath marijuana strain induces a mild cerebral buzz that helps improve mood and helps suppress your depression. After taking this strain, you will probably feel sleepy, which is typical of this strain. Mendo Breath is a good all around strain.

6 reviews for Mendo Breath

  1. A good strain for the afternoon.


    This is the perfect strain for having a couple of friends over on a Saturday afternoon to chill. Nice mellow effects that are still fairly potent, without being overpowering or sedating. Good bag appeal in terms of sizable buds. The trim could be a bit better, but still definitely in line with the AAA rating here. The nose wasn’t very pronounced though, but there was a faint sweet(ish) smell. Fairly smooth smoke that lives up to it’s rating. For the price, this is a 5/5 easily.

  2. m10001

    Loved the Mendo. Smokes like a AAAA.

  3. Sweet surrender


    This ones for the ” got nothing to do today” smokeout smells amazing and will knock ya body out !

  4. m10001

    This was my absolute favorite of the sample buds you sent. Smells delicious and hits hard with a euphoric stone.

  5. Meh.

    J roc

    Flower was not as dense as I like, cure was decent and so was trim… Just not a flower for me .

  6. kdunne600

    Nice, smooth smoke with decent buzz. Great bud if you don’t want to be stuck to the couch.

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