Nektr Extracts Gorilla Glue Live Resin

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Nektr Extracts is one of the highest quality craft producers in British Columbia. They use only the highest quality AAAA buds to produce extracts.

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Nektr Extracts is a well known and reputable Canadian Cannabis brand based out of beautiful British Columbia specializing in premium concentrates and cannabis extracts. Nektr Extracts uses only the best AAAA BC bud for their extracts. “Diamonds” or “THC/THCA Diamonds” is simply THC/THCA crystalline that contains 99% purity. Nektr Extracts Diamonds are known to be the purest form of THC/THCA on the market.

2 reviews for Nektr Extracts Gorilla Glue Live Resin

  1. Brock Tipple

    Delivery quick and quality on point best concentrates in my opinion , and love the weed samples

  2. Must Try


    Such great taste, one of the tastiest live resins I have had from any source. This along with the Nuken are must-tries.

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